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WITCH BOX! - Full of magick... 💫🕯🔮🌜✨️Spells & ritual kits

WITCH BOX! - Full of magick... 💫🕯🔮🌜✨️Spells & ritual kits


This is NOT a Subscription Box - This a ONE OFF box.

Every month I create a box of magick for you to enjoy.

Each box comes with all essentials any witch worth her salt would need...

🕯Candles for spell work

🔮 Witches tools for magick spells/divination

🌿Herbs & botanicals for spells & incense

💫Witches decorative or useful altarware

💎Crystals with explanation of properties

🪔Incense for rituals

📿Jewellery with a witchy vibe.

📜Spell scroll with ingredients & instructions

Plus lots more! ....

Each box will contain over lots of noteable quality Items and will be worth over £45-£50 when sold seperatly in my shop.

Making your own magick is a great way to express your witchy side, always practice safely & with your intentions good. Any negative spell sent out can return to bite you on the bum!! The general rule is - What you send out in to the world... you get back X3.


Customer Notice re: delivery & collection times.

Boxes are made to order every month and there is limited stock will be available each month - IF for any reason I run out of an item a similar and equal value/quality item will replace it.

The best thing to do is order early as its first come first served.

I will post boxes out 15th & 28th of the month *or nearest working day.

Example- If you order on the 29th October your box will be prepared and sent on the 15th of November the following month.

If you order on the 13th November your box will be sent on the 26th December *or nearest working day.

*This also applies to click & collect collection boxes.

This is to allow time to order any missing items in time and to create the boxes, each one takes time to cleanse and finalise perfectly.

Working days at Elvers Studio are

Tuesday - Saturday

*Closed Sunday & Mondays.

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