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Witches Love Spell Box - 💗Magickal💫

Witches Love Spell Box - 💗Magickal💫

💫💗Love Spell Box💗💫

Lots of items to invoke the power of love and bring you to the attention of the one you desire...

❤Velvet Love spell book with gold edged pages.
❤Spell note book (For your own spells)
❤Large piece of raw Rose Quartz & Info card
❤Rose Quartz heart pendant
❤Sweet scented pale pink tea light
❤Pink Spell candle
❤Love spell bottle (With tiny scroll)
❤Rose petals & Lavender
💗Love spell bottle instructions

💗Make your own spell bottle charm with the items included.

I always add freebies to every box, wait and see your surprise extras you will get... 💗💫.🎁💫💗
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